Musical Instrument Rentals

musical instrument rentals


We offer both online and in store rentals for customer’s conveniences.

  • We rent our own instruments. We do most maintenances in house and check the playability of every single instrument we rent to ensure all the rental instruments are ready to play. Because we rent our own we do not need to order from the warehouse for replacement and we can resolve most problems the same day.


  • We have service loaner instruments for most instruments and we have extra instruments to switch in case your rental instrument needs major repairs or size change without any waiting time.
  • Customers can prepay anytime during the rental term to save 10-25% fees. With these prepay options, we are the most affordable rental shop in the area.
  • Our rental pricing already include maintenance and insurance. All other stores charge extra $6 – $10 per month fees under the name of maintenance, insurance, LDW, damage waiver etc.


  • We started musical instrument rentals in 2007.
  • We serve Centreville, Fairfax, Bristow, Chantilly, Sterling, Manassas, Haymarket, Clifton, Vienna, Gainesville, Oakton, and South Riding.
  • Our musical instrument rentals include insurance and maintenance without any extra fees.
  • We rent violins, violas, cellos, clarinets, flutes, saxophones, percussion kits (bell kits), trumpets and trombones.

Our RENT ONLY program VS. Rent-To-Own from other stores.

Almost all other rental instrument programs in the US are rent-to-own. Most of them limit the maximum credit to 12-24 months only and even restrict the use of accumulated credit to a maximum of 50% of the purchasing instrument. With these rent-to-own programs, customers may face unexpected balances when deciding to buy the instrument.

Alternatively, they may continue to pay rental fees for additional months or years until the student grows to use a full-size instrument after the maximum credit limit has already been reached.

Payments exceeding the 12-24 months will not be accumulated at all. The most concerning fact that customers might not be aware of is that the cost of the instrument is much higher than what they could buy upfront from the same store or online retailers. Eventually, customers may end up paying about 50-100% more than the market price if they choose the rent-to-own option.

Moreover, many customers simply return the instrument without using the rental credit at all because the student stops playing the instrument or is unsure about continuing after the school year is finished.

In contrast, our rental program is designed for customers who do not intend to buy the instrument. While we previously had a rent-to-own system, we realized that about 90% of customers returned the instrument, and only 10% of rental customers ended up purchasing. For this reason, we have lowered the rental fees and eliminated the rent-to-own options.

We believe this decision satisfies the majority of customers, and we have seen an increase in instrument rentals during the first year after the change, with many customers returning to rent again in the second year. If you decide to purchase an instrument after renting for more than 10 months, we offer a special discount on any purchase.

If you have any questions about musical instrument rentals and rent-to-own options, please contact us.

String instrument sizing.

You can choose the size after reviewing the information below. If the size is incorrect, we can change it at any time. If you’re unsure of the size, simply select “I want to choose the size later” and visit us with the student for measurement and pickup.

What size violin, viola, or cello do I need?

The string instrument measuring methods below are not 100% accurate but will help determine the size when you rent online. While we can assist you in choosing the right size if you visit us with the student who will play, please note that our opinion may differ from the teacher’s. For this reason, size changes are always free while a customer is renting from us.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other requests or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

Violin Sizing By Arm Measurement
( Measure from the base of neck to the middle of the left hand palm )

23 1/2″ and Up – 4/4 Violin
22 1/4″ – 3/4 Violin
20 1/2″ – 1/2 Violin
18 1/2″ – 1/4 Violin
17″ – 1/8 Violin
15 1/2″ – 1/10 Violin
14 1/4″ and Under – 1/16 Violin

A violin fits if you can reach the notes comfortably with your left hand when holding the violin in the correct playing position. You should also be able to wrap your left hand comfortably around the curve of the scroll with a little bit of bend still left in your arm.


Viola Sizing By Arm Measurement

( Measure from the base of neck to the middle of the left hand palm )

27 1/4″ and Up – 16.5″ Viola
26 1/2″ – 16″ Viola
25 1/2″ – 15.5″ Viola
25″ – 15″ Viola
23 1/4″ – 14″ Viola
22″ – 13″ Viola
20 1/4″ – 12″ Viola
18 1/4″ and Under – 11″ Viola

Viola sizes are defined by measuring the reverse side length from the side of the button to the center line at the base. Violas of between 16 and 16½ inches (40.6 to 42cm) are classed as large-sized and suitable for most adults. Our viola sizes are available in the standard and most commonly played sizes.


Cello Sizing By Student’s Height

62″ and Up –  4/4 Cello
54″ – 62″ – 3/4 Cello
48″ – 54″ – 1/2 Cello
44″ – 48″ – 1/4 Cello
Under 44″ – 1/8 Cello.

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