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We rent our own instruments

In store and online rentals

  • We offer both online and in store rentals for customer’s conveniences.
  • We rent our own instruments. We do most maintenances in house and check the playability of every single instrument we rent to ensure all the rental instruments are ready to play. Because we rent our own we do not need to order from the warehouse for replacement and we can resolve most problems the same day. We have service loaner instruments for most instruments and we have extra instruments to switch in case your rental instrument needs major repairs or size change without any waiting time.
  • Customers can prepay anytime during the rental term to save 10-30% fees. With these prepay options, we are the most affordable rental shop in the area.
  • Our rent-to-option credits will accumulate until you pay off not just 18 or  24 months like some competitors. In many other stores renters will never pay off the instrument by just paying monthly fees. Even after 10 years of rent they will need to pay about a half of full price when they decide to purchase the instrument.
  • With our rent-to-own program you will pay off a new instrument not the used one. A new instrument will be given to customer after the instrument is paid off. Many other rent-to-own programs force customers to buy currently rented instruments for a new instrument price. 

Online Rentals

Choose online rentals if …

  • you want save time and avoid unnecessary contact with other people.
  • you want to save $5.00 by using discount code.
  • you rented from us before and already know exactly what you will rent.

Choose in store rentals if…

  • you want to see actual instruments.
  • you want us to measure and choose a right size instrument.
  • you want ask about the maintenance of instrument.
  • you prefer to vist shop in person